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Stevo's Eurobike Blog

Stevo's Eurobike Blog

Eurobike comes but once a year and this year the On-One crew had a particularly interesting time. All in the interests of product development, of course. Here's Stevo's account of their excellent adventure:

"After much deliberation we decided to drive to Eurobike and go camping. Five grown men in one car for 15 hours all the way to Germany. But like Mountain Mayhem and Sleepless in the Saddle this was going to be a 3 day endurance event. We saw some very perculiar sights, from adult bike with stabilizers to kids bike with suspension and lots of eBikes as well.

"The most anticipated product was the 11 speed Alfine- on the way 2weeks to the UK we were told. I got some cut away photos of the hub oil bath in action. But there is no plan for a drop bar shifters on the 8 or 11 from Shimano yet... The most innovative product must be from Trixster with the "Doppelmoppel"- a German widget that allows you to use hydraulic disc brakes with Drop Bar levers. This will be very popular on the Pompetamine no doubt.

"Danny met his trials hero Ot Pi and I met the Devil! Marco met all his heros, although the only photo we got was of him in the yellow jersey. Last year Dave found a carbon Violin, this year a cello. We found some company names that do not translate well like +watt, Gonso and Faggin. The best paint scheme goes to the BMX with the TV Test pattern.

"In summary my general observations of this years Eurobike:
Handle bars, all sorts of weird and wonderful ideas including Syncros who had a 1000mm wide bar on display... Fewer fixies this year but electric bikes and technology are really starting to come through. Look at Cannondale's monster... Are entering the age of the eBike, no doubt.

"Here are some of the photos from our trip, thanks for looking and let us know what you think....

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7 September 2010


  • JonB (On One Team)

    Hello Col, thanks for your ideas, we do take every comment into consideration. We are working on re-designing the Scandal but in the meantime what about the Carbon Whippet? Even lighter, bang up to date and just passed CEN testing with 120mm forks... Cheers, Stevo.

  • Col

    Hi Stevo, I know you must have picked up some new ideas at Eurobike. How about updating the Scandel, 120 forks,curvy stays, make it more trailish something like a Whythe 19?

  • BryanM

    Drop bar levers with hydraulic brakes?? MMMM... Uncle Johnnie is ready for upgrading from Avid BB7's then?