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Mountain Mayhem news

It's the moment we've been waiting for, the mayhem has started. On-One's wacky racers are making their way to Malvern for what looks like a cracking weekend. With a constant stream of news and gossip expected, we've set up this page to capture the action as it happens. Keep an eye here as we update.

First up, click here to meet the On-One team in a unusually reflective post from Dave.

The On-One Mountain Mayhem News Feed

Friday afternoon – set  up time.

On-One has landed… stand went up a treat. The 10 meter Inbred man was pumped up quicker than a Whippet and acted like a beacon to the On-One clan. Within minutes the On-One riders were rolling in.

First up was “Stoner”, a classic old school Inbred. Loving the FT pink.

Andy also me first girl on a Ti 456 – go girls. Not seen on on one of those before. She liked the pink carbon 456 too... Are our pink bikes finally going to attract a few more ladies to the clan?

Inbred man at mayhem

99% air. 100% Inbred. This is Stoner trying to explain why it's ok for boys to have pink bikes.

The first settlers have arrived.

Saturday Morning

Despite last night's heavy rain the course is still firm so the bikes should be rolling well.

Forecast says that it's going to be overcast with lights winds. Good news for the riders and the 10m high Inbred Man!

Richard Mail and Robin Knight with their Carbon 456 demo bikes.

Richard Mail and Robin Knight demo'd the Carbon 456s this morning. Both riders had great stuff to say about the Carbon 456 after their ride:

Richard said - "I'm a heavy rider and I'd usually go for an alloy frame, but just from riding it you can tell that it's very strong. It's smooth, stiff and easy to ride." No smutty comments please.

Robin said - "Great ride!" But he would have preferred a bigger frame or longer stem. We spec'd the demo bikes with 70mm stems, but he would have been better off trying the bigger 20" frame. We have the 20" pre-production Carbon 456 at Mayhem this weekend and the first delivery is due to arrive in less than 4 weeks.

Denby has just arrived with two new custom paint jobs; midnight black with subtle green and an underwater electric, (that's black and blue to the rest of us!).

A 'Denby' custom painted Carbon 456.

She's a tiger! An On-One rider shows off his Inbred.

The Inbred Man watches over the On-One stand.

Saturday Afternoon

3pm: As ace sprayer Denby returns from his 9-mile loop on the 456, it's Danny Holroyd's turn to whip out his Whippet. Not only a debut for Danny but also for the super-light carbon XC bike. "I can't wait to thrash this baby", says  Holroyd - who harking back to his trials roots refused SPD's in favour of BMX flats.

Meanwhile Denby is raving about the 456 - "Fast and responsive, the 456 pedals great - the climbs felt like nothing". Everyone agrees, this is one hell of a bike in terms of performance. Plus, with a custom paint job from Denby it's a real head turner.

Denby reports the course to be nice and dry but with a few bottlenecks. That's the reason for his hour-plus time, or so he says!

ace sprayer denby on his carbon 456

Custom paint ace, Denby, after his first lap on a Carbon 456.

4.30pm: Danny Holroyd arrives back from his lap on the Whippet. This is what he has to say:

"What a great event! Just finished my first lap on the Whippet. First quick thoughts of the bike: This machine climbs really well, every pedal stroke throws the bike forward and up the trail. The bike felt really nimble through the singletrack, but I couldn't help thinking about the 456 and how much fun it would be on a course like this with a lot of uphill but some great downhills too. Of course I got a bit carried away coming down trying to overtake some XC SPD riders and binned it into a ditch full of nettles! With a time of 1 hour 4 minutes, I got round the course in exactly the same time as Denby, so now there's a target for the others to beat. Right, off to the first aid tent for some savlon!"

Trackside journalist and On-One FD, Paul Bennett, comments on Danny Holroyd's crash:

World famous trials rider and On-One brand manager, Danny Holroyd, is rumoured to have lost his mojo. He is currently detained under medical scrutiny following his unfortunate crash on his first lap of the Mountain Mayhem circuit. There is intense speculation at present as to whether he just couldn't handle the sheer speed of the all new carbon Whippet, or has he indeed left his mojo at Halfords? The world waits in anticipation. Who'll be next to dare to ride the speed demon that the Whippet is rumoured to be?


Danny's serious knee injury currently being treated by on site medical staff - ahh didums!

5.30pm - Customised paint service is already in jeopardy!

The much talked about On-One customised paint service is already at risk. Denby has demanded the right to tame the On-One carbon Whippett even after the unfortunate demise of Danny Holroyd.

6.30pm - Stevo has gone missing

Is he slow, lost or just broken. Stevo's not back and he's long over due. The word on the ground is that Wallace and Gromit have stolen him.

On-One designer Stevo Olsen with his carbon 29er

Have you seen this man? Stevo before he ran to the hills.

Saturday Evening

7.00pm - Another demo rider arrives back to base

"I'm not usually in to carbon, but gave it a go mainly to be in with a chance of winning a frame. It was lush, it flew around tight singletrack sections and took off on the flats and hills. I want one!"

Stevo's still not back - hope he's got some Bear Grylls skills tucked up his On-One jersey!

7.15 - Sold first custom 456

8.00pm - Adrian does a lap on the 456 

"A winter sat in front of a computer (thanks Dave) has done me no favours. I'm 6'1". The 20" is a better fit that the 18". It's just as awesome up hill as I remember. Good job as this course seems to be all uphill. Clattered a tree on the way around (the narrow bars on the whippet should help there?) and dumped a pro-rider in a ditch in a comedy left right mix up..... Oops.

Adrian on his carbon 456

On-One's logistics man, Adrian, astride evidence that we do have a 20 inch 456.

jamie oliver rustles something up on an on-one ti 456

Jamie Oliver rustles something up on a Ti 456.

Brooksy is about to unleash the force on the track. Everyone is worried the lap time will be smashed.... Not

Andy's lap didn't go as well as he might have hoped.

9.00 - Stevo returns

Not even the ginger ninja knew where he has been. Must be something to do with the Mayhem!

12.00 Midnight - Jamie breaks his belt and effects a good old bodge fix:

It's the end of a very long very tiring day. A broken belt is the last thing anyone needs. Luckily for Jamie he had a handy recipe standing by in an old cookbook in his back pocket and was able to effect this repair without even asking Stevo for technical advice. That was lucky.


Sunday Morning

8.00am - Wakey wakey!

We all woke up this morning with swollen ankles thanks to the campsite's 30 degree slope! But, the sun is trying to shine through the clouds and somebody had the foresight to organise bacon sarnies, so we're set up for a good day.

11.00 am - Adrian returns from a renegade lap on the 29er.

"Been out chasing Danny down on the 29er... Didn't miss him by much! That bikes schizophrenic... I really did not enjoy piloting it through the twisty trees and the 2x9 gearing was a bit much for my old BBQ fed legs... But give it a bit of open space and it flies.... Didn't feel like the best bike overall but just put in my fastest lap... Go figure?"

1.45pm - The race within a race

James and Stevo are desperately fiddling with pedals to get bikes ready before the 2.00 hooter. They're both going out (don't tell the officials!) Stevo has picked the 29er, James on the Carbon 456. Who will win. Update to follow. 

Only one thing seems certain, and dare I say it, that seems to be the weather. The welcome return of a glorious British summer sees blue skies and nice warm temperatures but poses serious risks of deck chair sitting and lager drinking for our riders. Injuries / hangovers may be hampering further riding. Stay wired for more news and to see whose stamina and will power will hold out best...

1.45pm - Jamie rinses a lap on the 29er

"Just been out for a pootle around the track on the Carbon 29er; the sun is baking and I didn't take any fluids. Dingbat. But even riding in flats I still managed to put in a 57 min lap!! This is my first time on a 29er; it is extremely stable at high speeds and eats up any rocks, bumps or roots in it's way. You have over-excentuate the steering round the tight and rocky stuff but it climbs much better than I imagined. Don't think Stevo has converted me yet but I'm definitely gonna play on the Carbon 29er at the next opportunity".

3pm - Jamie O gives it one last go

Having missed the 2pm cut-off the former fixie kid stole out on the Carbon 456 for some last minute cheeky runs and hucks at the top of track. He reckons it's got the "best of the Whippet and the 29er in a suprisingly reassuring package"! Praise indeed. "Nice and stable in the air too. Absolutely knackerred but still feel like I could get one last lap in"...

The man's a machine will he ever stop???

Stay posed for full race / bikes report and team post mortem coming your way soon...

Watch this space for more updates

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18 June 2010