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On-One Smoothies at Mountain Mayhem!

On-One Smoothies at Mountain Mayhem!

Welcome to the On-One Wacky Races- quality bikes, tasty smoothies and no beer at all. Yeah right. 

The On-One "Smoothie" team, though unfit, will be riding the Carbon 456, Carbon Whippet and Carbon 29er at Mountain Mayhem this weekend on a 24 hour team enduro relay.

And in a last ditch attempt to get fit they will be making pedal powered fruit smoothies as they go (seriously). Lap times will be recorded and a report from each rider submitted to the fat pasty eaters at mission control who will probably just laugh. There will be no hiding and no blaming the equipment, but we will find the perfect 24 hour enduro bike. Which bike will win?

And talking of winning On-One are giving you the chance to win a one off custom painted Carbon 456 frame. All you have to is sign up to test ride the new Carbon 456 XT Pro bike. You can do that here.

Come and meet the team at Mountain Mayhem this weekend. We'll also have some super bling custom bikes, the all new Pompetamine, special offers and free smoothies.
So that way you'll get fit too.

16 June 2010