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If you go down to the Dalby today.....

More carbon than a teddy can shake a sandwich at.

We're here, in deepest Dalby and we're all set up for a cracking weekend. The sun is shining, forecast looking perfect and we've grabbed ourselves a suprimo spot right by the finish stand - see our latest photos.

Check out the bikes we've got on show!

The One One Stand At Dalby

Our first visitor to the stand rode over on a shiny new Pink 456, and no, it wasn't Stevo. Great to see these machines out in the wild, they really are the perfect choice for the Dalby Dare. The 30KM loop takes in the XC course and then a sweet diversion into the depths of Dalby forest.

This chap was already talking about upgrading his Pink to a Carbon 456 too. He better not hang about, we sold our very first one this morning, leaving just 99 on this new promo. Looking at the set up here we hope that we've nailed it with this one, all of the fun of the 456 at a fraction of the weight. How many riders will take the carbon plunge?

VIP heaven

So what do VIP's get in the special tent that the rest of us don't? On One bikes of course, draped like ripe fruit from the rafters. On One have been chosen by the good and great of the UCI to hang out in the luxury text whilst they carbo load on Canapé and sip Champagne. Who needs chandeliers anyway. Deepest darkest Dalby has just taken a strange luxury twist.

VIP lounge at Dalby Forest XC

The only question now is whether the monster inflatable Inbred man can get it together to make an appearance before the weather and pre event nerves get the better of him. Should be interesting! Anyone got a pump?

"Vote Ginga" – the ultimate carbon promo

Don't forget to mutter these 2 simple words. "Vote Ginga". They're politically relevant but not correct and will save you a whole £100 (we know - it's 20%!) The carbon dream machine can be yours for less than 400 quid!

23 April 2010