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Jobsworth Canopus Front & Rear Light Bundle Jobsworth Canopus Front & Rear Light Bundle

There's commuter lights and then there's the Jobsworth Canopus commuter lights. We've never seen so much illumination packed into such small, be-safe, be-seen style lights. It's blindingly good.

  • Ultrabright, 16 chip LED light
  • Li-ion rechargeable battery
  • 130 Lumens max output
  • Multiple, fixed and flashing modes

    We can think of no better be safe and be seen bundle than a pair of our Canopus lights.The Jobsworth Canopus commuter light is perfect for all cyclists. Packed with technology it uses COB (chip on board) surface mount LED technology to squeeze in 130 Lumens of light power into its tiny body. A li-ion rechargeable battery plugs into any USB port for a quick charge.

    The Canopus shines brightly form the front and also cast lights out of the side to enhance you all-round visibility, helping you to be seen and be safe. Perfect for frotn and rear use the Canopus is available in front and rear specific versions using the same battery pack and advanced LED technology for maximum light output and enhanced durability. IPX4 waterproof rated the Canopus is a serious commuter light for cyclists who simply won't settle for second best. if you want the ultimate commuter lighting set add a main front light into the mix with a pair of Canopus and you are ready for anything the road ahead can throw at you.


    • Short press to switch ON from OFF
    • Long press to turn OFF from ON
    • Long press to switch ON (from OFF) in alternative mode SOLID/Flashing
    • Short press to cycle through illumination level when already ON
    • Light must be switched off before switching modes
    • Canopus front and rear lights supplied with strap mounts

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Jobsworth Canopus Front & Rear Light Bundle

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Front Light
Jobsworth Canopus USB Rechargeable Light / Front / White
White Front
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Rear Light
Jobsworth Canopus USB Rechargeable Light / Rear / Strap Mount
Strap Mount Rear
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