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Planet X Exo3 Carbon TT Frameset / Medium / Dark Knight (Cosmetic Damage) Planet X Exo3 Carbon TT Frameset / Medium / Dark Knight (Cosmetic Damage)

We've teamed up with the Welsh king of suffering, Dirty Sanchez's, Matt Pritchard to create an exclusive EXO3 frameset with unique limited edition paint schemes. 'Sleep When You're Dead' is Pritchard's motto and it's one he lives by. Matt's a reformed party boy, ever since he got involved in triathlon he's turned over a new leaf- though he's still as keen on the pain as he ever was he just gets his kicks in different ways these days. British Lion and Welsh Dragon SWYD colour schemes available.

Frameset: The EXO3 takes everything we know about-about Advanced Aero Design and pushes it to the limit. Our R&D team has pulled out all the stops in the quest for the fastest and most efficient bike we've ever produced. Every part of the EXO3 has been trimmed and tuned in our endless quest to save every last watt. We've proven every design choice in the wind tunnel now it's up to you to prove you've got what it takes on the road.

Frame tube profiles have been caressed and blended to give a seamless spine that slices through the wind. Reprofiled seat stays have been shortened and dropped to reduced their drag contribution. Front and rear brakes have been integrated into the frame and are hidden from sight in their own aerodynamically profiled cowlings.

Seatpost and handlebars have been redesigned from the ground up, we've trimmed every excess gram of weight and maximized the range of adjustability, helping you to achieve a better fit on your bike for improved performance. The EXO3 is the result of many hours testing on the road and in the wind tunnel and its performance is nothing less than mindblowing.

Finishing Kit: Up-front Selcof's new Advanced Aero Design cockpit offers exceptional aero performance and comfort and is artfully sculpted in carbon to deliver minimum weight and maximum positional versatility.

With the launch of the new EXO3 TT / Triathlon bike the rules of engagement have finally changed. Lead, don't follow.

EXO3 Bolt Torque Guide

Weight:2.86kg. Frame fork, headset, seatpost.

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Planet X Exo3 Carbon TT Frameset / Medium / Dark Knight (Cosmetic Damage)
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