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Rockshox Maxle Ultimate Rear Rockshox Maxle Ultimate Rear

Thanks to a clever axle-tightening mechanism as well as a solid, aluminium body the Maxle Ultimate provides stiffness and security in any riding conditions!

Even though your bike might be described as a 142 x 12mm rear end there are actually many different sizes and spacings that fit within this number. Different drop out thicknesses, thread pitches and overall axle lenghts exist within the nominal 142 x 12mm rear end standard.

This axle is only suitable for bikes with 142 x 12mm back ends that require an axle of 174mm overall length, an M12 x 1.75 thread pitch and a 20mm threaded length measurement. This will not fit any other specification back end.

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Black / 142mm x 12mm
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