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Selcof Ultra Track Disc Carbon Track Rear Disc Wheel Selcof Ultra Track Disc Carbon Track Rear Disc Wheel

Modern Track bikes are designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency, so it makes perfect sense that you use the most efficient wheels. Solid rear disc wheels offer minimum drag and maximum watt saving.

Selcof's new Ultra Carbon Disc Track Rear Wheel is the perfect marriage of advanced aero design and lightweight carbon fibre construction. Using a lightweight, tension skin construction the Ultra Carbon Disc sheds maximum weight to help you save every last watt. A low profile hub body helps minimise drag by keeping the cross section narrow for a sleek profile that cuts through the wind.

Spinning on the highest quality Japanese EZO bearings the Selcof Ultra Disc Carbon runs straight and true and spins for ages. Every Selcof Ultra Carbon Disc wheel is assembled and inspected by hand. Axial and radial runout are recorded for every wheel and the most stringent QA is applied to ensure that you get a great performing wheel that's ready to help you smash your PBs.


  • 3K carbon tension disc wheel
  • Low profile hub
  • High Tg resin braking surface
  • Tubular or clichher versions available
  • QR not supplied
  • Weight: 1280gms +/- 20g (Tubular)
  • Internal Rim width: 20mm
  • External Rim width: 24mm
  • Recommended tyres: 25mm+
  • Axial /radial runout less than 1mm

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