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Geax Barro Marathon Folding Tyre Geax Barro Marathon Folding Tyre

The Barro Marathon is a cutting-edge multi-purpose tyre with an aggressive, moderately spaced pattern that handles the toughest terrains without increasing rolling resistance.

Plateau-like, rounded knobs create a stiff tread that sheds dirt and debris easily, rolling over everything thats underneath... dry soil, wet soil, rocks and even wet, slippery roots.

The larger size features softer rubber compounds that enhance grip and control at all speeds.

When the terrain gets demanding, the versatility of the Barro Marathon will keep you moving forward in full control.

Supplier ref: 1123BM1958111HD / 26 Inch / Black / 2.3 Inch

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2.3 Inch / Black / 26 Inch
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