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Nikwax Travel Towel Nikwax Travel Towel

Despite weighing less than half the weight of an equivalent size cotton towel, the Nikwax travel towel will dry twice as fast, making it the perfect piece of kit for lightweight camping, trekking, expeditions, holidays and adventures.

What sets this towel apart from the scores of other travel towels on the market today is its use of Parameta S fabric. This unique, reversible material consists of two different faces, quickly absorbing water from the soft, fleece side and directing it to to the smooth outer face. Normal cotton towels will 'hide' water in the centre of the fabric, therefore taking much longer to dry.

  • Trek Size: 100x70cm
  • Beach Size: 143x73cm

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Beach Size - 143x73cm
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Trek Size - 100x70cm
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