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Jobsworth Full Monty Spray Lube + PTFE Jobsworth Full Monty Spray Lube + PTFE

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It's the Fully Monty, the real deal, the genuine article and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Perfect for bike assembly and servicing, it lubes, it protects, it loosens tight nuts and it displaces water as well. A chunky 400ml can size means you'll not run out soon.

Fortified with PTFE Jobsworth Full Monty Spray lube penetrates and lubricates, it's perfect for gear and brake cable and lubing in those hard to reach spots that require a regular squirt to keep them in tip top condition.

Jobsworth Fully Monty spray lube gets into the places you can't see, doing its thing by capilliary action. So use it carefully and stay away from sealed bearings.

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