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Jobsworth Full Monty 4 Piece Brush Set Jobsworth Full Monty 4 Piece Brush Set

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Spray on the water and get stuck in with our Jobsworth Cycle Cleaner and the soft bristle brush. These two are made for each other and will shift the grime in no time. Then jump in with the Cog Cleaner and get into the small nooks and crannies on your cassette- no point degreasing, cleaning and re-lubing your chain to put it back on a scrotty cassette.

There's two hard bristle brushes as well. The conical spoke brush is perfect for getting inbetween those spokes for the deepest clean. The formable bristle brush will take any shape you want to bend it into making it perfect for those narrow gaps and hard to reach spots.

Use the 4-piece brush kit with a selection of our best selling Jobsworth Cleaning Solutions.

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Jobsworth Full Monty 4 Piece Brush Set
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