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Jobsworth Full Monty Citrus Degreaser Jobsworth Full Monty Citrus Degreaser

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It's the Full Monty, the real deal, the genuine article and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Jobsworth's Citrus Power degreaser is a fast acting, aggressive cleaning solution that will strip old grease, oil film and grime off any metal parts.

Fast acting, citrus powered Jobsworth Full Monty Citrus Power Degreaser is industrial strength and it penetrates deep to eliminate built up grease, oil and dirt. It's perfect for rejuvenating an old chain before applying fresh lube and ideal for turning a brand new chain into a smooth running, watt saving, time trial ready, low friction marvel.

Jobsworth Fully Monty Citrus Power Degreaser gets into the places you can't see, doing its thing by capilliary action. So use it carefully and stay away from sealed bearings. We recommend removing your chain from your bike and placing it in a plastic box or bag before applying Jobsworth Citrus Power Degreaser. For optimum results remove chain, cover entire length, agitate with a brush and leave to soak for five minutes, rinse off dirt with warm water, repeat if necessary. Spray chain with Jobsworth PFTE Fortified Spray Lube to drive out any water and leave in a warm well ventilated place to dry thoroughly before applying your chain lube of choice.

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