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Boeshield T-9 Waterproof Lubrication Boeshield T-9 Waterproof Lubrication

Most bike lubes are just repackaged oil with some colour thrown in them to make them stand out on the shelf, a few drops of pink, a smudge of molybdenum a touch of PTFE... Truth be told there's very little to choose between 'bike lubes'. At Planet X we're always looking for something better and we've found it- Boeshield T9

T9 wasn't developed as a bike lube; it was created by Boeing for use in their aircraft maintenance and service departments. Boeing spent years and tens of thousands of dollars researching the best possible combinations of carrier, surfactant and lubricant for the moving parts on their airplanes and now you can use it on your bike.

Airplanes have a tough life; they run from dusk till dawn in the hottest places on earth and at 35,000 feet, some of the coldest as well. They have little down time and they are put under enormous daily stress and strain. Seems like if a lube is good enough for Boeing to use on mutli-million pound aircraft then there's a pretty good chance it'll work on your bike- it certainly works well on ours.

T-9 is a wax based lube that is mixed with low molecular mass petroleum distillates. It goes on wet, dries easily and leaves a stable, protective wax layer that penetrates deep into moving parts. One application, cleans, lubricates and protects and stays there for mile after mile.

Completely waterproof once dry, Boeshield T-9 will not wash off due to its superior adhesion, high film pressure and hydrophobic chemistry. It dries to a none-sticky film that won't attract dust and dirt and will protect for hundreds of miles, wet or dry. With its clever dripper nozzle bottle T9 has replaced all the old chain lubes in our tool kit. Why not buy a bottle and take it for a spin to see how much better it is than your current lube?

  • 118ml bottle with adjustable dripper nozzle
  • We've put thousands of miles onto our drivetrains with T9 now. When it's dry we use it once a week to keep everything running sweet. Put it on at night and leave it to penetrate and dry. For wet conditions if you're too lazy to dry your bike we use it a couple of times a week.

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