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El Guapo Corto Stem El Guapo Corto Stem

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We like short stems. We always have. But how short is short?

When we started out, our 80mm stem recommended on the Inbred frame was incredibly short for the time. Now? Well - we think 35mm is pretty short. Infact, it's nearly as short as is possible with the bar in front of the steerer. You can go shorter (and some have) but you'll add some rise on there.

And so for now we're sticking with 45mm. The El Guapo Corto stem. Corto means short, apparently, according to a Spanish speaker I know, unless he's winding me up.

Weighing 127g on our scales, 35.4mm stack height, 45mm reach. It's the perfect way to add a dose of RAD to the front of every bike, works especially well on 29ers to really give you a killer position to carve the front end on tough trails.

Clamp diameter: 31.8mm

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