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Shimano SPD Road SL SM Cleats Shimano SPD Road SL SM Cleats

Shimano's SL cleat range comes in three different variants- Red with zero angular and zero lateral float. Blue with +/- 1 degree of angular float and zero lateral float. Yellow with +/- 3 degrees of angular float and 1.6mm or lateral float.

The Yellow cleats are the kindest to your knees and the easiest to set up. The fulcrum point for the float is towards the back of the cleat, making these best for intermediate and novice cyclists and any riders who are looking to tame knee pain.

Red cleats have no adjustability and are suited to racing and very experienced cyclists who are perfectionists about their bike set-up.

Shimano's Blue cleats offer a forward fulcrum point that maximises power transfer and are best suited to agrressive riders who have honed their bike position and pedalling style.

Compatible with Shimano SPD-SL Pedals.

Cleat Fixing Bolts & Cleat Washers are included with this item.

Genuine Shimano replacement part.

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