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Look Keo Blade Carbon Cromo Pedals Look Keo Blade Carbon Cromo Pedals

LOOK KEO Blade Carbon Pedal Ti axle Pedal - an award winning state of the art pedal for cyclist who demand performance.

KEO Cleat Features: The Keo Carbon Blade: Where innovation meets evolution The Keo Blade is a mechanically revolutionary new pedal that changes the way clipless pedals feel and perform.

The Keo Blade was awarded the well know IF Design Award in 2009.
The concept: a carbon leaf spring (blade) replaces the traditional wound wire cleat retention spring.

Advantages: A more efficient and quicker clip-in clip-out sensation and more secure cleat retention Two levels of cleat retention and security (tension 12 average and 16 firmer) Very light: 95g with a TI axle Proven efficiency: A more efficient pedal stroke due to the larger cleat contact surface and more wear resistant due to the stainless plate molded into the pedal body.

The KEO Carbon Blade has a 31% larger contact surface than the KEO Carbon New axle system = extreme reliability Double sealed oversized pedal axle makes this a durable and reliable product The new titanium axle system in the KEO Blade does not affect pedal height despite the use of an oversized axle. Tested above and beyond industry standards LOOK pedal axles are only approved for use after very rigorous shock and extreme use testing well beyond the EN14781 testing standards.

  • Use: Road - from leisure to competition
  • Body: Injected long carbon fibre
  • Axle: Steel & Ti versions
  • Thread: 9/16 X 20 MM
  • Roller Bearing: 2 Roller bearings, 1 needle bearing
  • Height: Axle / Sole 15,7 MM
  • Axle Distance: Pedal / Crank 53 mm
  • Multitensor: 2 types of interchangeable spring tension (12 Nm and 16 Nm)
  • Cleats: Grey K_o Grip cleats
  • Angular Freedom: 0, 4.5 or 9 according to type of cleat (black, grey or red)
  • Warrenty: 2 Years

This is the pedal system of choice for professional riders including Tour de France winner Alberto Contador.

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