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Magicshine SeeMee 20 Smart Bike Tail Light Magicshine SeeMee 20 Smart Bike Tail Light

Magicshines SeeMe 20 is their entry level COB Be-safe, Be-seen rear light. Visible over a 180-degree field of view. With a compact footprint and efficient Li-poly battery pack this little rechargeable marvel can keep shining for up to 20 hours on a single charge, (flashing mode).

Weighing only 17g the SeeMe 20 is unobtrusive until its time to shine. A 17 degree mount angle puts it in exactly the right position for other road users to see when fitted to a seatpost. Its a brilliant back up light for the serious cyclist and commuter and simply great on kids bikes.

Taking a full charge in 1:45 hrs on a 500mA charger supply the SeeMe 20 is super convenient and perfect for day to day use.

  • All Magicshine lights come with a 12 month manufacturers warranty on the head units and a 6 month warranty on rechargeable batteries - subject to following the battery usage, handling and storage conditions in the user manual.

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Magicshine SeeMee 20 Smart Bike Tail Light
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