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On-One Knuckleball Carbon Handlebar On-One Knuckleball Carbon Handlebar

One of the most remarkable qualities of carbon fibre, alongside its low weight, is its stiffness and comfort (complience), without any loss of durability or strength. Different orientations of carbon fibre sheets within the mould lead to substantially different characteristics in the end product. That's how we have developed the On-One Knuckleball - to provide a custom MTB experience for different bikes and different riding styles. Go for the 'Hard' version if you're running with front suspension and want precise, direct steerering or choose 'Chewy' for a bar with bit of flex, for a softer ride on a fully-rigid set-up. Both weigh in at a feathery 230g and come with a 5 year warranty against manufacturing defects. Beat that!

Chewy bars are available in 747mm width only. Hard bars are available in either 747mm or 777mm widths.

  • Carbon fibre mountain bike handlebars
  • 6 degrees upsweep / 9 degrees backsweep / 25mm rise
  • Available in 'Hard' for full stiffness, or 'Chewy' for a softer ride
  • Weight: 777mm = 230g
  • clamp width (the middle bit): 31.8mm
  • 5 year manufacturing defect warranty

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747mm / Black / Hard
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777mm / Black / Hard
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