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El Guapo Ancho B Handlebar El Guapo Ancho B Handlebar

"Why ride with really wide bars?" A better question is "why not ride with really wide bars?"

Stick to your narrow bars.

If your riding involves a bit more full-throttle speed - and full tilt technicality - then you'll really benefit from running a wide set of bars.

Sure, you'll whack a pinkie finger every Preston Guild but that's a price well worth paying for the benefits of big bars.

More stability. More room for a bit of the ol' Body English. Better cornering. Oh Lord, such better cornering. You genuinely become a better rider, having more fun, when you slap on a pair of wide bars.

Honestly, all it takes is one brakes-off hooning drift around a slingshot corner to convince you that wide bars are unassailably awesome.

These El Guapo Ancho bars come in at a whopping 760mm wide. That's nearly 30 inches if you remember a time before Channel 4.

Yes. you can trim them down if you're more of a whippet build than a bulldog. But we'd recommend going for a ride at least once with them at full width. You never know. Certainly most people seem to end up running bars an inch or two wider than they'd expect to once they've sampled the 'way of the wide'.

The grip clamp length is 235mm so there's plenty of room for moving things inwards post-trim.

Shape-wise the Ancho bars have 5 degree of backsweep and 6 degree of upsweep. The rise on them is the 'enthusiast's standard' 20mm. Nothing outlandish. Just a set of numbers that works for most bike setups and most riders.

Why are they called 'Ancho'? It's Spanish for 'wide' of course.

  • Material : Double-butted 7050 T73 alloy
  • Width (mm) : 760
  • Rise (mm) : 20
  • 9deg backsweep / 5deg upsweep
  • Weight: 328g

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31.8mm Clamp / Black / 760mm
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