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On-One CNC Anodized Swap-Out On-One CNC Anodized Swap-Out

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On-One CNC Anodized Swapout

Replacement drop outs for all On-One frames that use the 'Swapout' system. Choose single speed slot drop out or vertical drop outs for geared bikes.

A revolutionary system which mounts the brake caliper inside the rear triangle, shielding it from knocks and allowing the use of a standard rear pannier rack. CNC machined and anodized these are the new versions of our ground breaking swap-out system.

Note: "On-One Swapout Replaceable Dropout / B2 / Geared / Disc Side Outer" is specially designed for frames where brake caliper clearance is an issue by mounting the caliper on the outside of the rear triangle as in conventional systems. Contact our technical team if you are unsure.

Not supplied with bolts- these come with the frame or are available separately.

Weight: 150g per pair including bolts
  • CNC machined


  • A = geared, driveside
  • B = geared, disc side
  • B2 = geared disc side (brake mount outside rear triangle
  • C = single-speed, drive side
  • D = single-speed, disc side

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Silver / Drive Side / Singlespeed / C
16 in stock £3.00
Silver / Disc Side / Singlespeed / D
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Silver / Disc Side / Geared / B
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Black / Disc Side / Geared / B2
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Silver / Disc Side / Geared / B2
Lots in stock £3.00