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Holdsworth Zephyr Frameset Holdsworth Zephyr Frameset

The Holdsworth hand-built Heritage range would not be complete without a track bike. The Holdsworth name is best known for their road race team but Holdsworth blood runs just as thick in the track scene too. Steel has retained its dominance more in the professional track world than in any other cycling arena, and its performance has been proven for decades.

The Zephyr will appeal to the many who mix track racing with short-distance road work and commuting. Built on the lines of Holdsworth's well-known Path machines, the frame features the steep, aggressive geometry you would expect of a no-holds-barred track racer, but with touches that make it practical to go just as fast on the road as well.

Let's face it, track bikes are a lot fun for zipping about on - stiff, aggressive fixed-gear bikes are great for accelerating away from lights and through gaps in traffic - but mostly they just aren't designed for it. On the Zephyr, clearance is increased for use with bigger tyres or clip-on mudguards and a slightly increased fork rake means extra stability up front. The fork is also drilled for use with a front caliper brake. Whether your track is wood, grass, concrete or the local bus lane, the Zephyr is a beautiful performance frame designed for speed.

For tubing, Reynolds 531 was the obvious choice. Precision-engineered for racing applications, it's every bit as stiff and strong as track racing demands. And of course, Reynolds is British. Holdsworth's hand-built steel frames just wouldn't be the same without British steel.

As with all Holdsworth cycles, the Zephyr is beautifully hand-crafted through every stage. Every tube is cut and mitred by hand, every lug painstakingly filed and low-temperature silver brazed. Individual inspection controls alls stages. The result is a newly-made frame of the same quality, finish and heritage that you would expect from a vintage Holdsworth. The Zephyr's lugs are cut out to the unique "Coronent" pattern.

Finished in British racing green or black enamel with gold Holdsworth detailing, it looks good enough to be in a museum. But if you ask us, that would be a travesty. This is a frame that is calling out to be ridden, and ridden fast. Take a chance to own and ride a bike that's truly special.

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