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Jobsworth Titanium Spork and Knife Jobsworth Titanium Spork and Knife

Seriously lightweight camping essentials from Jobsworth

When you need the perfect tool for any job on your bike the obvious name to turn to is Jobsworth. Jobsworth makes brilliant bike tools and accessory products for all your bike maintenance needs.

Now Jobsworth is stepping out of the workshop and hitting the trails with a huge range of lightweight high-performance bike packing and camping essentials. Were starting off with our Titanium Essentials and Utensils range including titanium cutlery, billy cans, frying pans, mugs and more. Weve even some lightweight tent pegs and ground stakes for the serious weight weenies.

Jobsworths Titanium Spork and Knife combination utensil has a Spork at one end and a Spnife at the other. Use it whichever way round you prefer, take a pair with you and them back to back, however you roll this is a great cooking, eating utensil.

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Jobsworth Titanium Spork and Knife
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