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Massive Poseidon Titanium Ultra Lightweight Straw Massive Poseidon Titanium Ultra Lightweight Straw

Sandblast finish, Ultra Low Thermal Conductivity, Will Not Corrode & Is Easy To Clean. Solid Grade 5 Titanium, Thick wall, big bore construction works great with hot, cold, thin or thick liquids. The Titanium is BPA and chemical free leaving no aftertaste.

Titanium, being chemically inert doesnt have the allergy risks that many other reusable options have. (Yes, you can anodize the Grade 5 Ti-Straw)

Our client, Mr. Grayman told us that he likes the Ti-Straw because not only does it allow him to drink comfortably, but it allows him to have a rigid tool readily available in his drink without anyone thinking anything about it. Mr. Grayman seems to be the master of blending with his surroundings.

Ti-Straws are available straight or bent. While the Ti Straw is dishwasher safe, we include a cleaning brush. Also wash before first use.

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2 in stock £11.99