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Carnac Metis Photochromic Cycling Glasses (ANSI Z87.1) Carnac Metis Photochromic Cycling Glasses (ANSI Z87.1)

Designed for the cycle racer who wants protection and comfort Carnac's new Metis cycling glasses offer essential ANSI rated impact protection and UV defence. A striking full-frame design still manages to offer excellent periphery vision. Shaped to mimic the human field of view Carnac's Bi-Ellipsoid lens shaping ensures minimal optical distortion right to the edge of the lenses.

The photochromic Metis comes with a Photochromic lens option that comes with a single, self-shading lens that reacts to ambient light in an instant, providing increased protection from glare in bright conditions. Carnac's photochromic lenses are super fast reacting, going from transparent to dark in mere seconds.

Twin-Shot moulding combines a tough yet pliable TPR frame with grippy hydrophilic arm sleeves. The Metis is designed with a narrower nose bridge than the Carnac Equinox and Ultimate glasses, making them perfect for riders who find their sunglasses normally sit a little too low on their nose.

Offering ANSI approved impact performance alongside excellent UV protection, great fit and adjustability the Metis is ready to ride and looks epic on or off the road. Grab a pair and hit your bike.


  • Self-shading photochromic lens
  • Lens material: Polycarbonate ANSI Z87.1 Impact tested lenses
  • Includes fleece lined bottle style box

    To remove lenses: 1. Push and gently roll the bottom edge of the frame away from the lens. 2. Push the bottom edge of the lens up and forwards from below

    To refit lenses: 1. Gently push the top edge of the lens into the frames so that it is seated along the entire edge. 2. Using each thumb push the bottom corners of the lens into the frame. 3. Roll the lower edge of the frame up and back over the middle of the lens. 4. The lens should seat with a satistfying pop. Check the lens is fully seated in the frame before wearing.

    Lens removal and refit video.

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