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Carnac Ballistic Sunglasses Carnac Ballistic Sunglasses

Carnac's new Ballistic Sunglasses are designed to offer the highest level of protection. Tested to US Military standard they truly deserve the Ballistic name tag because they're capable of deflecting a 0.22 calibre projectile at upto 640fps. Flying bugs and road junk will pose you no problems.

Vented to prevent internal fogging Carnac's Ballistic Sunglasses use a polycarbonate lens of enhanced optical clarity for that full HD visual experience. An adjustable nose bridge and ear stalks let you customise to get the perfect fit. We've even packed them with a spare clear lens, it's the last word in low light protection for any sporting activity.

These glasses do not come with a case so don't forget to add a Carnac By Mombassa Beach Pod to your order to protect and secure your new glasses when not in use.

We Also have a prescription lens inserts available for these glasses - Prescription Lens inserts

Lens removal:

  • Fold the arms closed
  • Rotate the 'T' section in the centre of the frame 90 degrees in either direction
  • Holding the nose bridge firmly, pull the centre of the frame upwards until the top of the lens clears the frame
  • Remove lens by puling forward from the centre of the lens.

Lens fitting

  • Ensure 'T' section is still rotated
  • Fold arms in
  • Place corners of frame into each hinge
  • Slide top of lens upwards between 'T' piece and frame
  • Press home firmly
  • Rotate 'T' piece to lock in place.

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