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Holdsworth Gran Sport Bar Tape Holdsworth Gran Sport Bar Tape

Just because you love the look and feel of a retro inspired steel bike doesn't mean that you shouldn't be able to benefit from advances in bike design. Back in the day your bar tape would have been glued on with tub cement and a wing and a prayer, nowadays you can benefit from the last 40 year's development in pressure sensitive adhesives.

Here at Planet X we harbour die-hard Holdsworth fan-boys (and girls) who are dedicated to resurrecting the fine Holdsworth name. Over the coming months we'll be launching a range of top quality, genuine bike components and cycle clothing for the discerning cyclist with an eye for real British style.

Vintage-Modern components from Holdsworth blend the best of today's engineering techniques and materials with the classic timeless style of an era long gone, but that lives on in the hearts of discerning ladies and gentlemen. If you have a vintage or retro style bike, or you just love that classic era, Holdsworth components and clothing offer a range of outstanding products.

The Holdsworth Gran Sport Bar Tape is the perfect finishing touch to any classic styled bike especially if you want the leather look, but love your animals. This combination of vintage-modern brings all the advantages of contemporary engineering to the classic bike connoisseur. Because we don't ride around on just any old riff-raff.

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