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On-One Sintered Disk Brake Pads On-One Sintered Disk Brake Pads

Sintered pads are long lasting, durable and perform well in all conditions. Whereas organic pads are best in the dry, sintered pads continue to brake quickly and reliably in mud and rain. Braking performs also remains reliable for longer as your rotors heat up on long descents. Where organic pads have more inital bite, during prolonged braking sintered pads come to the fore. We've made the pads in a number of variations for use with tons of different brakes.

Available for:

  • Avid Elixir
  • Avid Juicy / Avid BB7
  • Avid X0 Trail 4 Piston
  • Formula Mega / The One / Rx
  • Hope Mini X2 / Tech V2 Race(supplied without springs)
  • Hope Mono M4 / SHimano XT BR-M755
  • Shimano Deore BR-M5XX / Tektro Aguira / Giant MPH
  • Shimano Saint BRM810 / Zee M640
  • Shimano XTR M985 / M987 / M978 / XTM785 / SLX M675 / M666 / M615 / CX
  • Shimano XTR / XT / SLX / Hone / Saint / Tektro TRP Dash

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Hope Mini X2/ Tech V2 Race
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