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Jobsworth Retractable Cable Lock Jobsworth Retractable Cable Lock

If you're just popping out quickly and don't want the hassle of having to carry a full-on bike lock then the Jobsworth retractable combination cable lock is perfect. Small and compact it'll slip in your back pocket and will help you keep your bike safe while you pop to the shops or wait in the queue for that mid-bike ride double expresso and slice of cake.

With a135cm long extension the Combi Lock is also perfect for securing your personal items when you travel, keep your rucksack locked up to stop opportunist travel thieves.

Combination switch instructions. Please reset the combination before first use.

  • Set the combination dial to 0000 (this is the stock code)
  • Press and hold the lower of the two side buttons
  • Adjust combination
  • Release button to accept new code

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