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Holdsworth Gran Sport Headset Spacer Bell Holdsworth Gran Sport Headset Spacer Bell

There's nothing like the gentle 'ping' of a bell to let other road / cycle path users know that you're majestically rolling along nearby. Watch swathes of hoodlums disperse as you ring-a-ling your bell and cruise through uninterrupted. Manufactured in polished brass, steel and aluminium, the Holdsworth Gran Sport bell mounts under your stem, replacing a single 5mm spacer, adding a touch of classic good looks to your bike, plus a healthy dollop of practicality.

Here at Planet X we harbour die-hard Holdsworth fan-boys (and girls) who are dedicated to resurrecting the fine Holdsworth name. Over the coming months we'll be launching a range of top quality, genuine bike components and cycle clothing for the discerning cyclist with an eye for real British style.

Vintage-Modern components from Holdsworth blend the best of today's engineering techniques and materials with the classic timeless style of an era long since passed, but that lives on in the hearts of discerning ladies and gentlemen. If you have a vintage or retro style bike, or you just love that classic era, Holdsworth components and clothing offer a range of outstanding products.

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Brass Dome / 28.6mm
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Planet X  Waterproof Crab Hand Winter Gloves
Planet X Waterproof Crab Hand Winter Gloves

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Our warmest Planet X 365 winter glove, breathable, windproof and fully insulated, ideal for club runs, deep winter endurance rides, winter training rides where nothing but the best will do to keep the cold from your hands.

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