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On-One Waterproof Phone Case On-One Waterproof Phone Case

As mobile phones get bigger and more compicated and more expensive it's more important than ever to keep them safe and protected from the elements and the On-One Waterproof Phone Case is designed to do just that. With a large central compartment with front and rear touchscreen compatible windows you can use your phone even when it's raining or worse. A triple sealed folding entry system keeps water on the outside. Supplied with a large adjustable cord lanyard it's perfect to hang around your neck, from your rucksack or wherever else you need to put it.

How large is it? The main compartment measures 110 x 210mm externally. It swallows a Samsung S9 PLUS with loads of space to spare so we're confident it'll take almost any smartphone, it'll even be great with your GPS device.

If you travel far and wide and need to protect your personal digitial devices from the elements, look no further. We've got you covered.

  • NB: Fingerprint reader compatibility cannot be guaranteed through windows

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Lots in stock £3.99