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On-One Swim Buoy Dry Bag With Window On-One Swim Buoy Dry Bag With Window

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Swim Bouys are waterproof storage bags that you can drag along behind you when you swim. Easy to use, just stuff your kit inside, roll down the top closure to make it waterproof and then inflate the front and rear air bags, strap it on and go swim. Or just take it with you to carry your wet kit after you're done, the choice is yours with this versatile bit of swimming kit.

Instructions for use:

  • Make sure bag is fully deflated before use
  • Fill bag with your desired kit
  • roll the top down until you reach the fold line
  • Clip the two ends of the top-roll together to seal the bag
  • Inflate each side of the bag with the mouthpiece. (Blow to inflate press centre to deflate)
  • Attach leash by looping it over clips on top of bag
  • Strap bag to waist and go swim

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