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Cycle To Work Schemes

Cycle To Work Schemes

Please note that some Cycle to Work vouchers attract an additional build fee of 10-12.5% of the voucher value. Further details can be found in the ‘Additional Payments’ section below.

The Cycle to Work Scheme is a government-backed initiative which allows you to save between 25% and 42% off the price of a new bike; this is achieved through tax and National Insurance savings. It's open to all UK residents and applies for customers who wish to purchase a bike from Planet X or On-One. Cycle to Work is open to everyone, as long as your employer has made the commitment to do this and you are paid via PAYE.

When ordering a new bike, please contact us as there may be an additional build fee up to the value of 12.5% of the voucher value.

What can I buy with the scheme?

You can purchase all built to order bikes through our normal build queue and which are available on our website on the Cycle To Work Schemes.

Pre-built bikes, Clearance bikes, and Daily Deal bikes are available if you have the voucher in your immediate possession. If you would like to discuss this please contact Customer Services 

Custom Builds are available on bikes over £1,500 only. Please get in touch by email if you are interested in a custom build.

Planet X have no issue with an overspend to exceed the voucher value, but we do advise you check that your company allows this since not all companies or C2W providers do.

Please note that most 3rd party schemes stipulate that you must purchase a complete bike and not just the frame/wheels or individual parts.

Which Cycle Schemes do we accept?

  • • (Our 'shop code' for is PLANE004)
  • • NHS SME HCI schemes
  • • On Your Bike
  • • Cycle Plus
  • • Bike 2 Work Scheme
  • • Salary extras bike scheme

If you'd like to know if we are able to accept any other form of voucher please email us at [email protected]

We don't accept Halfords or Evans Cycles vouchers.

Do you take a direct payment from employers?

Yes, please get in contact with the details of what you’d like to order and we’ll happily issue an invoice.

Employers that are making a direct payment as part of an internal Cycle to Work scheme must ensure any agreements between the employer and employee follow the government’s information on cycle to work as we can't accept responsibility for any final decisions made.

How do I place an order?

Before placing your order, please find out the following:

  • • What is the price limit for your cycle to work scheme?
  • • Can additional top-up payments be made on top of the cycle to work voucher?
  • • How long does it usually take your employer to supply the information to the scheme and to us?
  • • What are the terms & conditions from your employer, the scheme provider and from Planet X? (it's best to check that there are no contradictions which might cause problems at a later stage).

Select the bike that you’d like, upgrade options and accessories, place the bike in the basket and select ‘Cycle to Work’ as the payment type. Here we have three options –

  • • Option 1: Use an existing Cycle To Work voucher to reserve this bike – The voucher will still need sending to us by e-mail, post or in person.
  • • Option 2: Pay deposit to reserve this bike
  • • Option 3: Request a Quotation, your bike is not reserved

How do I provide a voucher to Planet X?

Printed Cycle to Work vouchers can be posted to:

Cycle To Work, Planet X Bikes, Units 37-41 Aldwarke Wharf Business Park, Waddington Way Aldwarke Lane, Rotherham, S65 3SH

Electronic vouchers can be e-mailed to: [email protected]

Please include proof of address (e.g. Driver’s License, recent utility bill,) and the Planet X order reference (SOxxxxxxx).

You can use the voucher in person at our Sheffield Showroom, to place an order you need to have your voucher with you and pay the build fee and any overspend on the day.

Additional Payments

An additional build fee may be charged on Cycle to Work orders. The fee varies based from 10-12.5% of the voucher value and depends on the company issuing the voucher. For more information please contact us 

Outstanding balances may also exist if you have opted to purchase a bike with a higher value than that covered by the voucher and which has been agreed by employer and scheme. It is your responsibility to check with the employer and scheme to ensure this is accepted by them before placing an order as we cannot be held accountable if this is disputed at a later date.

We will contact you to settle any remaining balances once we have received your voucher/purchase order and will then progress your order for the bike to be built and delivered once the payment for the outstanding amount has been made. If there are any major problems with stock or with the build itself, we will contact you to make you aware so please ensure you have supplied us with a valid contact number to reach you on.

How long does the process take?

From the date of the order, you have 30 days to provide us with the voucher. We will contact you once the voucher is received to provide details on any additional payments and payment details if required. Once the balance has been paid, we aim to have the bike built as soon as possible. If a voucher is not provided within 30 days and no contact has been provided to advise us of a delay, a final attempt to contact you will be made before we cancel your order.

Please Note: All our bikes bought through Cycle to Work are built to order. We begin scheduling your bike to be built once we have received your Cycle to Work voucher and have taken the full remaining balance of any additional payments, such as an overspend or the build fee. Please remember to include your daytime contact number on your order so we can keep you updated on your order.

Frequently asked questions:

Q: Who is the legal owner of the bike?

A: Your employer remains the legal owner of the bike until the end of the lease period. At that point, your employer may choose to either keep the bike or sell it to you for a "nominal sum" as laid out in the terms of their scheme.

Q: Do we provide quotes for bikes?

A: Yes, simply choose Option 3 on the Cycle to Work checkout. This quote will be valid for 30 days but does not guarantee that the stock will be held. Depending on stock levels and demand we cannot hold any bikes unless a deposit is paid. Once they're gone, they're gone. Having said that, we'll always aim to have great offer bikes available at no-nonsense prices.

Q: Can I change my bike once I have my voucher?

A: Yes, however, once the build process has begun on your bike this is no longer possible.

Q: Can I Pay by credit/debit card and have the money refunded once we receive the voucher?

A: No, all cycle to work orders must be paid from the start by voucher and additional payment.

Q: I live in Northern Ireland, can I use cycle to work?

A: Providing your employers are willing to provide Planet X with a purchase order complete with PO number we are happy to do cycle to work orders for Northern Ireland. Please contact us on the cycle to work email address to arrange this.

Additional information on our general terms and conditions and delivery information can be found in the links at the bottom of the page.