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As a rider you'll understand the importance of a bike that translates your human input into performance action- how you intend it, when you intend it. Poor quality or badly maintained controls mean not only will your bike not shift and brake properly; but it will effectively negate the benefits of running good quality drivetrain and braking systems in the first place. Gear shifters and brake levers sit at the front end of an inter-connected series of components, and it's important to look after them well. Equally, upgrading your controls will always pay back- they're a key part of any correctly set up and well maintained system. We stock big names of brake and gear controls like Shimano, SRAM and Tektro- with gear shifters available for 9, 10 and 11-speed time trial, road, MTB and urban riding and brake levers for non-STI equipped single speed and vintage road bikes. 


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