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As cyclists our hands take a punishment, and quality, fit for purpose, cycling gloves are essential for comfort, control and protection reasons. Hands, like all extremities, get cold easier than our core body, so in winter a pair of warm, weatherproof cycling gloves is an absolutely essential part of your riding kit. But gloves should be worn all year round. They increase your control by stabilising your handlebar control and increasing grip. Mountain bikers often choose a full finger glove with little or no padding to improve their trail feel and immediate response. Others, looking for a day-long glove for commuting, road biking or touring, will require a well-padded cycling glove- often with gel pads in key areas. Our own ranges of On-One and Planet X gloves offers a level of price to performance unequalled elsewhere on the internet, but we also stock Carnac and 661 too.


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Planet X  Waterproof Crab Hand Winter Gloves
Planet X Waterproof Crab Hand Winter Gloves

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Our warmest Planet X 365 winter glove, breathable, windproof and fully insulated, ideal for club runs, deep winter endurance rides, winter training rides where nothing but the best will do to keep the cold from your hands.

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