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Cross Country (XC) Mountain Bikes

Cross Country (XC) mountain bikes are lightweight, short travel machines where responsive handling and race winning speed are the order of the day. The original On-One Inbred steel hardtail still holds it's own in an industry obsessed with progression, change, and the latest wheel size. But here at On-One we aren't shy of change, and our impressive range of 29er cross country bikes is a culmination of years of hard riding, race-led product development and a passion for simple, high-performance XC bikes. With 29ers we were there at the beginning, and with the oversized wheel size rapidly becoming a norm in the short travel hardtail world, we're proud of our position as original pioneers.

All our bikes are hand-built by our team of skilled mechanics

Custom Build options available - When you order a bike, it is scheduled into the build queue and you will be informed of the planned build date. We keep you informed every step of the way; You can find the current bike queue length on the buy button for each bike and in the left side panel on most bike pages. For more information on how we handle bike orders, click here.

In Stock - Ready to Ship - These bikes are still built to the same high stands which our customisable bikes are. They are all built by the same Cytech trained mechanics. The difference is these bikes are a fixed spec and they're already built & boxed and are ready to ship today.