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On-One 45650B Steel Pick 'n' Mix Bundle On-One 45650B Steel Pick 'n' Mix Bundle

Planet X has never been one to shy away from its roots and we have always been proud to shout out our place within The Steel City. Even with carbon becoming the firm favourite for large proportion of bike manufactures around the world, at Planet X we still remain loyal to our roots and have no intention of abandoning them. Steel is in our blood, and as our bikes are an extension of us it is only fitting that our bikes comprise the same.

We have put together this bundle to pay homage to our Steel foundations featuring 45650b. The 45650b uses slightly bigger wheels that its older brother. We reworked our frame geometry to make the most of this new wheel size, and the result is a frame that makes the bigger wheel size, without feeling like it's got bigger wheels. Designed around 120-150mm forks, we love the longer travel for a hard hitting feel that the big wheels love.


Weve put together a range of grips so there is sure to be one that matches your needs and your build perfectly. Whether youre building a winter rider or your new commuting bike, we have a range of Oury and Stella Azzurra grips so you can find the one with the right fit and style to match your new Steel build.


Handlebars hold one of the greatest characteristics for any bike and quite easily define the purpose of your steel bike. We have an inspiring selection of handlebars of all different shapes and sizes so you can build your bike just how you like it, whether youre wanting drop bars for improved speed, efficiency and aerodynamics or a flat bar for improved handling and wider spectrum of view, you chose.


Headsets are less striking but no less of a crucial part to your build. Choosing the right headset can be a head(tube)ache, get it, so weve got them all here that will fit your inspired steel ride.


Somewhere nice to perch whilst riding can make all the difference between riding once and riding all day everyday. These saddles have been chosen with comfort in mind so plenty of padding so you can really enjoy your cycling. Choose from On-One Big Nose saddle for supreme comfort or maybe youd prefer one of our more retro looks in the Retro Rivet Saddle.

Seatposts and Stems

Last but not least weve got an abundance of stems and seatpost so you can get your ride set up just how you like. So check out our selection and build the ride of your dreams.

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On-One 45650B Steel Pick 'n' Mix Bundle

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  • Mark P 3 August 2015
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    Great fun to ride. I bought as a mid-build cheap frame option as I impatiently wait for the 650b Codeine to arrive although I might ride this for a bit longer! The high BB takes some getting used to.