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On-One 456 Evo Frame Zoom On-One 456 Evo Frame

The old 456 was our long travel hardtail. It dates back to a not-that-long-ago era where such bikes were called hardcore hardtails. This all sounds a bit quaint these days now that we're all used to 5in+ forks. 'Fun-for-ragging' bikes sounds a bit more like it. Anyhow, the 456 EVO, as the name suggests, is the latest evolution of this much loved model.

The frame is still made from our tough-as-hell EN-proven DN6 tubeset. Double butted 4130 cromoly steel is not just an economical material to build 456 frames with, it's actually a great tool for the job in its own right regardless of cost. It's not flexy. It's stiff, responsive and 'pointy'. And for bikes that are hopefully going to be used and abused within an inch of their lives, DN6 offers a unique kind of muted kickback when you're out and about clouting it here, there and everywhere. Your longer travel suspension fork and fat tyres can deal with the comfort issues, the 456 EVO's frame mutes any residual sting, leaving you on track and pinning it for as many hours as you're allowed out of the house.

So what exactly is evolutionary about the 456 EVO?

The geometry is completely new. It isn't just a case of slackening the head angle and leaving the rest. Sure, the head angle has been slackened - and how! - but the rest of the frame has been tweaked too. Bike geometry is a formula, a melting pot, a system. Changing something will have a knock-on effect on several other things. It's why you can't just bung a 6in fork in your old XC bike and expect it not to ride like a bag of dung. The new 456 EVO is at the bleeding-edge of hardtail frame geometry. It's not afraid of a slack head angle. It's not afraid of a low slung BB. Neither does it neglect a roomy cockpit for all-day-play potential. It knows the important stuff that helps with climbing back up.

The 456 EVO has all the geometry stuff to make the slogging stuff more bearable - enjoyable even. It also has all the numbers to make this bike one of the most capable hardtails currently available anywhere.

If you know your numbers, you'll like this next sentence...

With a sagged 150mm fork up front the head angle is 67.3 degrees, the seat angle is 72.8 degrees and the BB drop is 11mm.

If you don't know your numbers, here's Brant to explain...

"A slacker head angle gives better high speed control. A lower BB means climbing on is less aggravating and you're more planted through corners. A steeper seat angle keeps you forward on the bike. And the larger bikes also have longer chainstays - virtually unheard of on frames at this price - to keep you planted when things get steep even if you've got a lot of seatpost hanging out."

One final great thing - it still looks like an On-One. Simple lines. Low and long. No-nonsense decent finish. Versatile. Fun.

Note :: Raw Finish is designed to have manufacturing blemishes and might not appeal to all. Also, it's extremely likely that some degree of surface rusting may appear in time, though due to the only process that this frame has been through is the first surface treatment in the paint process, the action of that rust on the frame is only as bad as the action of rust on the inside of a painted frame. The frame is coated with a matt laquer, which being slightly porous will allow the steel tubes to corrode, but this, we consider, gives a patina of age and wear (like a nice wok) rather than it being a problem.
If you have an issue with this, please select the painted option.

A new model, the 456 Evo2 will be launched soon and arrive in late July. It features a 30.9mm seat tube internal diameter so it's dropper post compatible, and a tubeset rework with new features. Sign up to our newsletter and keep an eye on Facebook and twitter to keep up to date on arrival times, developments and offers.

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